For more than two decades, the SWEPROT Annual Symposium has remained a node for scientific exchange for PIs, post docs and graduate students working in Sweden within molecular life sciences. Since 2017, SWEPROT is also the annual meeting of SFBBM, the Swedish Society of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, which is the Swedish member society of FEBS and EBSA. Indeed, this meeting has a central role in forming the culture, collaboration and expertise of the Swedish molecular life science community.

Invited keynote speakers

Gloria Borgstahl, University of Nebraska

Tanja Mittag, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Juri Rappsilber, Technical University of Berlin & University of Edinburgh

Andrea Thorn, University of Hamburg

Frank von Delft, University of Oxford 

Daniel Wilson, University of Hamburg


Svedberg Award lecture[1]:
The Svedberg award is given to a biochemist or molecular biologist active in Sweden who is maximum 40 years of age. The prize is jointly awarded by the SFBBM and the National Committee for Molecular Biosciences of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The prize winner will be determined in spring 2022.

Theorell Award lecture[2]:  The Theorell award is given a researcher active within the area of biophysics who is maximum 45 years of age. The prize is awarded by the SFBBM. The prize winner will be determined in spring 2022.




Nominations can be made 1st December 2021 – 14th February 2022 by any interested. For details and the nomination process please see