This year Annual symposium of SFBBM and SBNET, SWEPROT, will present some of the most exciting recent breakthroughs in structural biology combined with biophysics and molecular biology and the most recent research from a strong and vibrant national community. The program for 2018 will again be of the highest international quality with the invited keynote speakers being world-leading scientists covering a methodological range from in silico modelling to experimental structural biology and single-molecule methods and a wide biological range of topics covering proteins, nucleic acids and large complexes. The meeting covers a broad range of structural biology methods including macromolecular X- ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, electron microscopy and molecular dynamics simulations as well as advanced molecular biology, biophysics and biochemistry applications.

Invited keynote speakers (accepted so far)

Prof. Cheryl H. Arrowsmith, University of Toronto, Canada

Prof. Vadim Cherezov, Bridge Institute, University of Southern California, USA

Prof. Karen M Davies, Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging/Structural Biology at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, USA

Prof. Jan Riemer, Department of Biochemistry, Cologne University, Germany

Prof. Akif Tezcan, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of California, San Diego, USA

Prof. Gunnar Von Heijne, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Stockholm University, Sweden

Structural biology has long been a strong area of Swedish science, and the symposium is a node for scientific exchange for PIs, post docs and PhD students working in Sweden within molecular life science and has remained so through a generation switch of PIs. The meeting attracts the community of senior and junior scientists by inviting keynote speakers of the highest international standard, and by offering the opportunity for young people to present their own work in both oral and poster presentations. The meeting has a strong intention to promote the next generation of young scientists by allowing them to network and present their research to top international scientists as well as to the Swedish community. PhD-students (including Master students and Post-docs)  that submit a poster abstract can register at reduced cost. Please note that the number of registrations at this reduced fee are limited.

The format, and rather broad topic coverage, of the conference allows the Swedish molecular life science community to get updated with cutting edge new results and techniques as well as interact with the world-leading invited researchers that pioneers them. The meeting is a key component to keep the Swedish community at the forefront of this rapidly developing field. In a time where our methods are applied in diverse areas of life science ranging from the basic biology and biochemistry of life to cancer research, drug design and biotechnology, for many scientists this is the general update meeting of the year, as we otherwise go to specialized meetings for our specific areas of interest. The meeting thus has a central role in forming the culture, collaboration and expertise of the Swedish molecular life science community.

This meeting typically attracts 120-170 participants.
The registration opens on Friday at 16:30 and closing will be on Monday after lunch (13:30).

Welcome to SWEPROT 2018, 15-18 June in Tällberg!