For more than two decades, the SWEPROT Annual Symposium has remained a node for scientific exchange for PIs, post docs and graduate students working in Sweden within molecular life sciences. Since 2017, SWEPROT is also the annual meeting of SFBBM, the Swedish Society of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, which is the Swedish member society of FEBS and EBSA. Indeed, this meeting has a central role in forming the culture, collaboration and expertise of the Swedish molecular life science community.

To keep the meeting series intact despite Corona, and to maintain the highly interactive environment of this meeting that we want and need, we will this year hold the meeting as a combined virtual reality / video meeting. The schedule will be slightly revised compared to the normal format, but with ample possibilities for young scientists and emerging group leaders to present their work orally and as posters, and with creative spaces to share science and fun! Please find more details on the format of the meeting under “Venue”, “Program” and “Registration”.

The 24th SWEPROT meeting will present some of the most exciting recent breakthroughs in structural biology, biophysics, biochemistry and molecular biology, and the most recent research from a strong and vibrant national community. The program will again be of the highest international quality with the invited keynote speakers world-leading scientists covering a wide scope of biochemistry and biophysics, employing a wide methodological range from proteomics and systems biology to experimental structural biology and single-molecule methods. Importantly, and in the spirit of Linköping University, the speakers have been selected for their proven ability to overcome traditional subject boundaries in their search for understanding of novel concepts.

Keynote speakers:

Prof. Pau Bernado, Centre de Biochimie Structurale (CBS), University of Montpellier, France “Structural bases of the pathological threshold in Huntington’s disease. An integrative structural and chemical biology approach”
Prof. Dr. Marcus Fändrich, Institute of Protein Biochemistry, Ulm University, Germany “Structural basis of protein misfolding diseases”
Dr Anne-Claude Gingras, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Toronto, Canada Charting the organization of a human cell with proximity-dependent biotinylation”
Prof. Angela Gronenborn, University of Pittsburg, USA The awesome power of Fluorine NMR”
Dr. Janet Iwasa, University of Utah, USA Animating Molecular Machines
Dr David JaquesStructural Virology, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia The HIV capsid pretends to be a karyopherin to enter the nucleus”

Presenting Infrastructures and Infrastructure networks will include:

European Spallation Source
SciLifeLab Cryo-EM
SciLifeLab Swedish NMR Centre

Welcome to SWEPROT 2021, 20-23 June, in virtual reality Tällberg!

Linköping University Hosts

Chairs: Maria Sunnerhagen, Per Hammarström

Co-Chairs: Alexandra Ahlner, Eleonore von Castelmur, Dean Derbyshire, Vivian Morad, Sofie Nyström, Björn Wallner