17th of June

Below please find suggested articles for you to dwell on before the Keynote lectures in order to prepare your minds! For links, please see the abstract book.

Pau Bernado

Flanking Regions Determine the Structure of the Poly-Glutamine in Huntingtin through Mechanisms Common among Glutamine-Rich Human Proteins

Evidence of the Reduced Abundance of Proline cis Conformation in Protein Poly Proline Tracts

Marcus Fändrich

AA amyloid fibrils from diseased tissue are structurally different from in vitro formed SAA fibrils
Cryo-EM structure of a transthyretin-derived amyloid fibril from a patient with hereditary ATTR amyloidosis

Anne-Claude Gingras

A proximity-dependent biotinylation map of a human cell

The GATOR-Rag GTPase pathway inhibits mTORC1 activation by lysosome- derived amino acids

Angela Gronenborn

19F-modified Proteins and 19F-containing Ligands as Tools in Solution NMR Studies of Protein Interactions.

19F Paramagnetic relaxation enhancement: A valuable tool for distance measurements in proteins.

Janet Iwasa

Using 3D Animation to Visualize Hypotheses

Preparing scientists for a visual future: Visualization is a powerful tool for research and communication but requires training and support

David Jacques

Kinetics of HIV-1 capsid uncoating revealed by single-molecule analysis

Rapid HIV-1 Capsid Interaction Screening Using Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy

15th of June

Dear all,

Below you will find important information about Sweprot 2021.

The event platform for the conference is now live, and can be found at Access is restricted to registered participants. To get access, you will therefore need to fill in the e-mail address you used during registration. You will then get a mail to that email address with a personal log-in link.

On the event platform website, you will find all relevant information, and this is also where you will be able to see live streams of sessions that are not held in VR.

To access the VR world without headset: Install the AltspaceVR software ( on your computer, works for both PC and Mac. You can find an instruction video on the platform (VR support and guides).

Best regards,
The Sweprot 2021 organisation committee

10th of June

Sweprot 2021 is fast approaching, and we look forward to welcome you all to virtual (reality) Tällberg. We are busy organising the distribution of VR headsets as well as the last details of the program. On Monday June 14th you will receive an email with a link to the event platform where you will find all the information and links you will need for the conference, as well as the form for submitting your posters.

Due to the VR format the posters need to be uploaded before the conference starts and we encourage everyone to upload their posters as soon as possible but no later than Wednesday 16th. The recommended poster format can be found at

If you are not participating with a VR headset you will need to install the AltspaceVR software ( on your computer to be able to participate in all Poster sessions and other 3D activities.

21th of May

Dear conference participant,

We are happy and honoured to welcome you as a participant of SWEPROT 2021!

This is a brief informational letter; a second more comprehensive one will be sent out in the second week of June. The homepage ( will be updated on a regular basis.

We are accepting late registrations until the 10th of June. This is also the deadline for late poster abstract submission. We are in the process of selecting talks by the abstracts submitted before the May 15th deadline, and the selected speakers will be contacted the first week of June. 

The VR format is especially suitable for interaction during the poster session, and we therefore encourage all participants to bring a poster, also the selected speakers and late registrants. The recommended VR poster format and how to submit a poster is described on (

If you have signed up for a VR headset, they will be shipped 11th of June to a contact person selected by us at each university/site, who will then organise the distribution locally.  We recommend that you each have a 2m x 2m physical area available to move around on. For the best experience it is advisable that different participants have their own room to not disturb each other audibly, like in a video conference.   

During the week preceding the meeting there will be several VR introduction sessions on a variety of times during the day. More information on these sessions will be shared in the next information letter.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in VR Tällberg June 20th-23rd!

The LiU Tällberg team: Alexandra Ahlner, Eleonore von Castelmur, Dean Derbyshire, Per Hammarström, Vivian Morad, Sofie Nyström, Maria Sunnerhagen and Björn Wallner