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Friday, June 15
16:30-18:00 Conference registration desk open
18:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00-21:30 Network Meeting (all PI:s)
20:00- Poster presenters: put up posters (in room “Rådstugu”)
20:00- Informal networking mixer

Saturday, June 16
09:00 Opening of the 22nd SweProt conference
The organizing committee
09.05-09.15 Hugo Theorell award ceremony
Mats Hansson, Chair of SFBBM

09:15-13:00 Session 1
Chair: Mats Hansson, SFBBM, Lund University
09:15-10:00 Hugo Theorell prize awardee Björn Högberg, Karolinska Institutet
3D DNA origami and what it can help us learn about biology
10:00-10:20 Seychelle Vos, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry
Structural basis of mammalian RNA polymerase II pausing, pause release, and elongation activation
10:25-10:45 Xyeying Zhong, Karolinska Institutet/KTH
Structural determination of the Bri2 BRICHOS domain: relevance to Alzheimer’s disease

10:50-11:20 Coffee break (Conference desk open)

11.20-12:10 Keynote speaker: Gunnar von Heijne, Stockholm University
Cotranslational protein folding

12:10-12:30 Annemarie Perez Borema, SciLife Lab, Stockholm University
Structure of the chloroplast ribosome with chl-RRF and hibernation promoting factor
12:35-12:45 Platform update: Marta Carroni, SciLife Lab, Stockholm
The Swedish National Facility for Cryo-EM
12:50-13:00 Platform update: Uwe Müller, MAX IV Laboratory, Lund
Status of the Macromolecular Crystallography beamlines at MAX IV

13:00-14:00 Lunch (Conference desk open)

14:00-17:45 Session 2
Chair: Martin Högbom, Stockholm University
14:00-14:50 Keynote speaker: Akif Tezcan, University of California, San Diego.
Chemical design of functional and dynamic protein assemblies
14:50-15:10 Inna Rozman Grinberg, Stockholm University
Novel ATP-cone-driven allosteric regulation of ribonucleotide reductase via the radical-generating subunit
15:15-15:35 Per Rogne, Umeå University
Positive and Negative Contributions to Enzymatic Selectivity Supported by Coinciding Amino acid Residues

15:40-16:10 Afternoon tea (Conference desk open)

16:10-17:00 Keynote speaker: Jan Kern, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Snapshots of the water oxidation reaction in photosystem II using crystallography and spectroscopy at an XFEL
17.00-17.20 Cecilia Safari, Gothenburg University
Time-resolved structural studies of ba3-type Cytochrome c Oxidase
17:25-17:45 Livia Meszaros, Uppsala University
Exploring [FeFe] hydrogenase using synthetic chemistry

18:00-20:00 Conference dinner

20:00-21:00 Poster session #1
ODD numbered posters (in room “Rådstugu”)
~21:00-02:00 Informal mixer (bar, disco)

Sunday, June 17

09:00-12:50 Session 3
Chair: Martin Ott, Stockholm University
09:00-09:50 Keynote speaker: Cheryl H. Arrowsmith, University of Toronto
Mechanisms of methylation-dependent signaling in chromatin regulation
09:50-10:10 Geoffrey Masuyer, Stockholm University
Identification and characterization of a novel botulinum neurotoxin
10:15-10:35 Ulrich Eckhard, University of Salzburg
Bioinformatic discovery and biochemical characterization of proteolytically active bacterial flagella

10:40-11:10 Coffee break

11:10-12:00 Keynote speaker: Jan Riemer, Cologne University
Redox processes in complex I assembly
12:00-12:20 Erik Hallin, University of Bergen
Structural characterization of the activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein (ARC) in solution and its binding features
12:25-12:45 Annika Söderholm, Uppsala University
Functional and structural characterization of phage SAM hydrolase enzymes

12:50-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:10 Session 4
Chair: Martin Ott, Stockholm University
14:00-14:50 Keynote speaker: Karen M Davies, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Cryo-ET of mitochondria: The role of ATP synthases in shaping cristae
14:50-15:10 Raghavendra Nagampalli, Umeå University
Human mitochondrial pyruvate carrier 2 as an autonomous membrane transporter

15:10-15:40 Afternoon tea

15:40-17:00 Annual football game

18:00-20:00 Dinner

20:00-21:00 Poster session #2
EVEN numbered posters (in room “Rådstugu”)

~21:00-02:00 Informal mixer (bar, disco)

Monday, June 18

07:00-11:00 Hotel check-out (luggage storage room available)
Take down posters!

09:00-12:00 Session 5
Chair: Pål Stenmark, Stockholm University
09:00-09:20 Dan Sjöstrand, Stockholm University
The structure and function of a membrane superoxide oxidase
09:25-09:45 Jesper S. Hansen, Lund University
Lipid Directed Perilipin-1 Segregation in Human Primary Adipocytes
09.50-10:10 Johannes Salomonsson, Linköping University
Structural basis for selective targeting of proteasome deubiquitinases by enone-containing compounds

10:15-11:00 Coffee break, Take down posters!

11:00-11:50 Keynote speaker: Vadim Cherezov, Bridge Institute, University of Southern California
A decade of GPCR structural biology
11:50-12:00 Awards and closing remarks

12:00-13:30 Lunch

14.00 FIFA world cup game: Sweden-South Korea
Shown in “Storstugan” (where coffee is normally served)