The 22nd Swedish Conference on Macromolecular Structure and Function will take place at Åkerblads Hotell in Tällberg.


All participants have breakfast at the hotel in which they are staying. All other meals will be served at Åkerblads for all participants. Special meals will be served for participants who registered as vegetarians (please notify one of the serving staff at every meal).


Should be worn at all times! The badge is your ticket to all the meals, morning coffee, afternoon tea etc.

Checking out

The hotels kindly request participants to check out of their rooms before 11:00 on Monday morning, to hand in the room keys, and to settle any bills they may have run up for the use of the hotel bar, recreational facilities, mini-bar, telephone, etc. A room to store your luggage will be available at Åkerblads on Monday morning.

Conference desk

The conference desk will be kept open on Friday from 16:00 to 19:00, and from 21:00 to 21:30. The desk will also be open from 10:40–11:10 on Saturday and 15.00–15.30 on Sunday. The conference secretaries will be at the conference desk when you check in. Please address queries related to the hotel, recreational facilities, public transport etc. directly to the hotel staff.


All scientific sessions will be held in the room called Oppsittu. Please switch off mobile telephones during the sessions! The posters will be on display in the rooms called Rådstugu and Fejset.


Åkerblads has facilities for tennis, sauna, darts, badminton, table tennis, billiards, etc. The relaxation matrix includes a pool, sauna and two jacuzzis (please check opening hours with the hotel personnel). There is ample opportunity for scenic rambles, and (a few!) bicycles can be rented at the hotel. The shores of lake Siljan are only about 10 min walk from the hotel.


Should be put up on Friday evening or Saturday morning before 11:00 so that conference participants have ample opportunity to see them prior to the official poster sessions on Saturday evening. Posters are numbered as in the abstract PDF file, so please identify your poster number and put it on the correct board.


The following facilities will be available in the lecture hall: a slide projector, an overhead projector, an LCD projector, a laser pointer, and one projection screen. There is also an internet connection (both wireless and ethernet). Please be in the lecture room fifteen minutes prior to your session to hand in your Powerpoint presentation or test the connection to your PC or Mac. Via a memory stick (USB) or CD, your presentation can be transferred to one of the available laptop computers. Invited speakers who have questions regarding the reimbursement of travel expenses etc. are requested to contact the conference desk or organisers.


The village of Tällberg has a train station located some 2 kilometers from the Åkerblads Hotel. The hotel shuttle bus can pick you up, or drive you to the railway station provided you contact the hotel staff well in advance.
Direct trains from Stockholm, Arlanda Airport and Uppsala go to Tällberg. To book your journey, please visit the Swedish Rail company website ( and make a query from your point of origin to Tällberg. Some connections will require a change of trains in Borlänge. Make your train reservation three months before your journey to receive the best prices.

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