27th Swedish Conference on Macromolecular Structure & Function (SWEPROT)

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Nico Thomä, FMI & EPFL, Switzerland
Albert Weixlbaumer, University of Strasbourg, Austria
Angela Gronenborn, University of Pittsburgh
Stephanie Jonas, ETH, Zurich
Alethea Tabor, UCL London, UK
Amnon Horowitz, Weizmann Institute
Flavio Ballante, Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden

Furthermore, this years’ awardees of the two prizes The Svedberg Prize and the Hugo Theorell Prize in Biophysics will speak at the meeting. Read more about them in their respective press releases:

The 2024 The Svedberg Prize is awarded to Björn Reinius, Karolinska Institutet.

The 2024 Hugo Theorell Prize in Biophysics is awarded to Gustav Berggren, Uppsala University.